What to Recycle:

  • Cardboard boxes

Remove all packaging inside the box (such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, plastic straps, packing pillows, etc.).
Flatten ALL boxes and Bundle large quantities of cardboard.

How To Recycle

What’s worse than smellin’ a wet dog? Processing wet cardboard. Keep your cardboard clean and dry. If it’s raining, hold on to it until next week!

How To Recycle Paper


What to Recycle:

  • Newspapers

Cover loose newspaper with heavier items in the container to prevent them from blowing away.

When Granny’s finished with her weekly newspaper, we toss ’em in the bin, underneath the other recyclables so they don’t fly away and blanket the neighborhood.

Plastic Containers
& Bottles

What to Recycle:

  • Plastic containers & bottles #1, 2 & 5.  This may include items such as shampoo bottles, liquid detergent containers, condiment bottles, kitty litter buckets, etc. Check the container to find the designated number.

Remove caps or lids.
Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.
Labels and neck rings do not need to be removed from containers.

Can You Recycle Plastic

If you’re silly enough to pay a dollar for a bottle of water, at least be smart enough to recycle!

Is Metal Recyclable


What to Recycle:

  • Beverage cans.
  • Steel cans & food containers.

Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.
Aerosol cans must be empty.
Labels do not need to be removed from cans.

After you're done poppin' tops, make sure you "pop" the empty cans into the recycle bin!


What to Recycle:

  • Shelf-stable cartons — include juice, milk, soy milk, soup &
    broth, & wine cartons. These are cartons that do not need
    to be kept cold.
  • Refrigerated cartons — include milk, juice, cream & egg-substitute cartons. These items must be kept cold.

Be sure to remove straws.
Make sure the carton is empty & rinsed out.

Recycle Cartons

It’s not confusing anymore! Food and drink cartons are recyclable. I know, I know… things used to be different but times have changed. Milk cartons, iced tea cartons, even boxes of egg substitute. Yep, just rinse and toss in the bin.

Glass is Recyclable


What to Recycle:

  • Clear, brown, blue & green glass food & beverage containers.

Rinse thoroughly to remove any residue.
Note: Labels do not need to be removed from bottles
or containers.

Just about all glass bottles and jars are recyclable. Just don’t be too loud when you’re taking ’em outside or you’ll wake up granny!